27 proven tactics for online marketing to double your traffic

Do you want to get more traffic to your website?

Here are 27 proven tactics for online marketing to double your traffic

1. Comment on other blogs

Leave comments on blogs that are related to your niche and website topics. Choose popular blogs which already have relevant readers.

Quick tip for Online Marketing: How to Write a Great Blog Comment and Get Author’s Attention

2. Leverage message boards

Message boards are still effective. Use them to start or join a conversation. Also helping other people to find solutions will grow up your expert rank.

3. Optimize your website for search engines

Through search engine optimization, you will get higher rank in google and other search engine systems and get more traffic to your website.

4. Start a blog

Blogging gives a big amount of traffic which converts into leads. Remember about SEO optimization of your articles, but still write for people first not for SEO robots. It is no necessary to write a huge article. It can be as simple as 200-400 words per post

5. Google local

Again talking about google as a big search engine system, setting a location for your business will give you higher rank for people of your area.

6. Use social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, all of them are your free online marketing tools which will give you more traffic.

7. Become a guest author

Let other blogs talk about you. Write a blog posts on other websites who have a similar audience. There are a lot of popular blogs on the internet, search for those who are looking for new content

8. Case studies

Post case studies of your happy clients, ask them for testimonials, interview them and share those stories. In online marketing, storytelling is a powerful technique for building relationships.

9. Write beginner’s guide

Write «How to…» guidelines and include links to your website, blog, social media, etc into the book. Make readers want to learn more.

10. Speak at the conference

Being a speaker will help position you and your company as an expert in your niche and you can make sales right at the stage.

11. Start an affiliate program

Let people promote your product and brand for some commission from sales they make.

12. Answer questions

Use forums and questions and answers sites for help people to find solutions of what they need.

13. Attend conferences

If you can’t or don’t like to speak at the conferences then take an advantage of getting to know more people who came there as you are. Don’t forget to bring enough business cards and network, network, network.

14. Talk smack

Be communicative with your audience and they will talk about you

15. Give away the farm

As well as blogging you can use also email to tell your audience in a step by step format of everything they need to change on their website to get more traffic.

16. Ask for referrals

Ask your happy clients to refer you to them friends

17. Leverage YouTube

Video content is getting more and more popular in online marketing. It’s a good way to show your product, service or use it for video blogging.

18. Offer steep discounts

Think about Groupon and similar services, which can give you more sales

19. Have exceptionally great customer service

Make your customers happy with a great service so they will want to go back to you

20. Get press

Be more visible. The more people talk about you, the more people will come to your website to see what is new and check out what you are offering.

21. Pay with a tweet

Offer something for free for a tweet about you. Simply Measured let you Generate Your Free Twitter Follower Report if you follow them on Twitter in exchange for this free report. And when you will be in their system they will offer you paid plans.

22. YouTube ads

You can get $.01 clicks on YouTube from people who want to see your videos.

23. LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn has a big audience. Post some advertising to get more traffic

24. SlideShow sharing sites

Upload your slideshow or PowerPoint presentation to sites like http://www.slideshare.net/ with your keywords so google will rank it better.

25. Podcast

One of the best ways to get more loyal followers is to do a weekly podcast with the valuable content. You can also add it to iTunes and/or upload to other websites.

26. Retargeting

Retargeting is when you show ads to people who previously came to your website but left without them taking the action you wanted them to.

27. Find authorities for guest posting

Guest posting on high authority websites will give you great linking and you will build your brand and your followings. Or how about to ask influencers to write a blog post for your blog and share it with them audience?

Get more tips in the Infographic with 27 proven tactics for online marketing to double your traffic

27 proven tactics for online marketing to double your traffic

Courtesy of Crawford and O’Brien

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