Marketing for Creatives

How to Repurpose Content to Reach More People with Ana Hoffman | Ep 9

The simple step you can do in your content marketing strategy is to repurpose content that you already created

Constantly creating a quality content takes a lot of time. But when you create the content for one platform such as a blog or social media you can multiply it by repurposing it on other platforms. That way you get valuable new updates without actually creating new stuff.

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How to Turn Difficult Clients into Good Clients with Ilise Benun | Ep 8

How to turn difficult clients into good clients or how to deal with the difficult clients

Were you in the situation when the client was always complaining about the work, changed his mind at the last moment, or wanted to get more for less money? In this episode, we will go through different situations with Ilise Benun to see how you can turn

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How to Publish a Book Even If You Are Not a Writer with James Woosley | Ep 7

Have you dreamed of publishing your paper book? Learn how to publish a book even if you are not a writer with James Woosley

Having a paper book gives a credibility to the person, you become an authority in people’s eyes. And for many people publishing a book was a huge jump in their career. But it always seems complicated and takes a long time. In this episode, we will talk

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How to Get More Clients with LinkedIn with Gary Kissel | Ep 6

How to get more clients with LinkedIn if you are a creative entrepreneur. Interview with Gary Kissel on Marketing for Creatives show.

Would you like to get notified when someone in your area interested in your service? That’s what LinkedIn does when you are selected for their special section for professionals. But before you get noticed by LinkedIn and more important by your potential clients you need to make

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How to Network to Get More Business Opportunities with Sandy Jones-Kaminski | Ep 5

How to network to get more business opportunities for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners. An interview with Sandy Jones-Kaminski

When you meet new people some of them can become your clients, some may become your partners or some can refer you to others, and so on. You deal with people every day. Working on your stuff you need to be strategic in networking and building your

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How to Sell with Confidence with Maria Ross | Ep 4

How to sell with confidence your service, product, creative work. Check these selling tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners from Maria Ross.

Let’s think for a moment: Do you like selling? Maybe. But more likely no. And you’re not alone in that. I was in that situation too. It was so difficult to talk about the packages I had, bargain and lower the prices for clients, and it was

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A Great Customer Experience: How to Make Your Business Memorable with Tim Reid | Ep 3

When clients are happy, they come to buy again or recommend you to others. Check this episode with the marketing expert Tim Reid about how you can create a great customer experience and make your small business memorable.

When clients are happy, they come to buy again or recommend you to others. And that’s your task to create such a great experience for them that they will remember you, your business and will become the evangelists of your service or product. In this episode, Tim

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How to Create a Marketing Strategy for Small Business with Doug Morneau | Ep 2

Do you have a marketing strategy or do a little bit of everything without big results? Learn how to create a marketing strategy for your business with Doug Morneau

Do you have a marketing strategy or do a little bit of everything without big results? With a lot of options, that you have to market your business it’s easy to get lost in what actually you should do. You’ve heard that you need to create your

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Personal Brand: How to Become a Recognized Expert with Dorie Clark | Ep 1

Learn how to build your Personal Brand and become a recognized expert. Interview with Dorie Clark.

Would you like to build your personal brand and become a recognized expert in your niche? Sound good, right? You may have a thought for a moment if you are good enough for that. However, think also about what you have: your experience, your knowledge, and your personality

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