Marketing for Creatives

How to Manage Conflict Situations in Business with Liane Davey | Ep 66

We tend to avoid any conflict situations by nature. However, that does not always solve the problems. Our today’s guest teaches people to face the conflicts and go through them. We will touch relationship with the employees and freelancers, your communication with the clients and partners, and

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How to Find the Right Virtual Assistant to Outsource Your Work with Liam Martin | Ep 65

How good would it be to have someone who you could delegate the tasks that you don’t like doing or don’t know how to do? Whether it’s blogging, social media or finding a personal assistant to help you with the daily tasks. Let’s get to the details

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The Techniques That Will Help You Generate New Business Ideas with James Taylor | Ep 64

Do you consider yourself as a creative person who can bring something new on the table any time or the one who is a pro in one thing and for the rest you usually say “no, I’m not so talented?” Well, whether you are one or another,

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The Challenge When Life and Work Seem Good, but You Feel Unhappy with Nichole Carlson | Ep 63

The Challenge When Life and Work Seem Good, but You Feel Unhappy

You may do the work which makes you a decent amount of money, have a relationship that looks good and your friends tell that you’re a perfect couple, your family is happy that you all on set and it may feel that everything goes as it supposed

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Word of Mouth Strategy That Brings More Referrals with Matt Ward | Ep 62

Word of Mouth Strategy That Brings More Referrals

Word of mouth is still on top of marketing. It’s always great when another person talks about your business and refer clients to you. But have you thought, that you can actually affect and improve your word of mouth strategy and get more referrals? In this episode, I

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Exactly What to Say to Sell Your Service (and How to Answer ‘How Much?’ Question) with Phil M. Jones | Ep 61

Phil has made it his life’s work to demystify the sales process, reframe what it means to “sell” and help his audiences to learn new skills that empower confidence, overcome fears and instantaneously impact bottom line results. Author of five international best-selling books, and the youngest ever

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How to Increase Sales and Marketing Results by Using 80/20 Principle with Perry Marshall | Ep 60

Perry is one of the world’s most expensive and sought-after business consultants. More recently, he’s turned “80/20” into a verb. 80/20 is not just a fact about your business, it’s action you take on your business. 80/20 is the central lever for every great strategy. His book

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How to Organize a Workshop for Your Creative Business with Peter Hurley | Ep 59

How to Organize a Workshop for Your Creative Business

Hosting a workshop can be a way to make extra money or even have it as a business model. Let’s go through the example of organizing a photography workshop. We will talk about what you need for that, why shouldn’t you worry if other people will kind of steal your

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Live Videos: Tools and Tricks for Non-Tech Entrepreneurs with Ian Anderson Gray | Ep 58

Live Videos - Tools and Tricks for Non-Tech Entrepreneurs

It may look simple, just press the button and talk with the world, but even I still scared of doing it. Once I think about all those technical stuff I need for that, what I’m going to talk about and that everything should look great, then I

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How to Create an Engaging Business Vlog with Amy Landino | Ep 57

How to Create an Engaging Business Vlog

Videos nowadays are very popular. If you are into videos, maybe you played with them on social media or have a business vlog already let’s get deeper into the details that will help you to bring more people into your business. We’ll cover the important factors of

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