Did you plan your Christmas social media campaign already? Check these 5 tips on creating spectacular Christmas social media strategy. #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing #smm #socailmediastrategy #creativeentrepreneurDid you plan your Christmas social media campaign already?

On the first day of Christmas, my genius sent to me… a flawless social media marketing strategy.

These verses can easily spill out of every online retailer’s mouth, only if they knew how to make use of a perfectly timed Christmas social media strategy.

Even though holiday shopping still mainly takes place in brick and mortar stores, 45% of social media users said that reviews, comments, and feedback influenced their shopping decision. Furthermore, 30% of them stated that viewing ads on social media had an impact on their buying behavior, according to eMarketer.

The statistics are hard to ignore. Taking into consideration that there are 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide, the percentages above seem much more important. (FYI, as of 2016, total global population is 7.4 billion).

So why does this make Christmas time so crucial for social media marketing success? Here are several reasons why.

  • Some retailers earn as much as 20% of their total annual revenue during Christmas period.
  • Christmas is not the time to buy things for ourselves, but for others. This automatically makes our shopping lists bigger.
  • Customers are in a hurry to cross everything off their gift list, and social media marketing is a perfect way to make things easier.

How to Make Your Christmas Social Media Strategy Profitable

 1. Know Your Customers

This may be an obvious tip, but it is crucial to know the preferences of your targeted audience in the time of Christmas. Sort them by age group and search results. The tastes differ drastically between females in their twenties and, let’s say, males in their forties.

You also have to connect to your potential customers. Do that by examining the structure of your site’s visitors.

2. Determine What Works Best

In case you already know which Christmas social media marketing tactics make a business bloom, go ahead and use them. But if you’re new to all of this, feel free to continue with the reading.

Analyze where the most traffic leading to conversions comes from. Then think of how the social media users would like to get the information about your products. If you’re not able to pull the data from social media analytics tools, ask the customers directly through a survey or a little questionnaire.

Christmas social media marketing ideas

3. Create Christmas-Inspired Page Design

Visuals are the first factor that determines whether a visitor will stay on your site. Christmas marketing strategy wouldn’t be complete without eye-catching features on your social media pages.

You can add a Christmas-themed background to all of your relevant social media pages. Make sure you’ve changed the profile picture to a more convenient one. Possibly the one featuring Christmas decorations or discounts you offer this holiday period.

Social media pages lead visitors to your website. Consider retouching landing pages to make them want to stay longer and convert to buyers.

4. Post Quality Content Daily

Another crucial step in maintaining an effective advertising strategy is to post daily. That way you’re reminding the viewers your product is the one they want to give their loved ones for Christmas. Just don’t post poorly written blog posts or posts that are written for the sake of selling. You need to prove holidays mean a lot, but the customers are the ones you have to care for.

Personal interaction means a lot. You can organize a giveaway on Facebook. People not only love giveaways, but this is a great opportunity for your brand to become more visible as well. Just check the promotion guidelines first.

You can also come up with a unique Twitter hashtag and share the content from other social media pages so the viewers can retweet.

Pinterest can come in handy, too. Ask the followers to make a wish board of your products on Pinterest so that they can win something.

Finally, tell those stories. Write with feelings to win the hearts of your audience.

5. Offer Special Discounts

Christmas shopping wouldn’t be as fun without special discounts. This is the time of giving and sharing so be willing to create the most engaging social media campaign with the biggest holiday discounts. Some brands go as far as offering a 70% reduction in the cost of particular items.

Christmas social media marketing ideas


Christmas is the most important holiday for your social media marketing campaign to succeed. Try making the most of it with our little tips. For all one knows, on the twelfth day of Christmas you may not have enough helpers to wrap up every ordered package.

What Christmas social media promotions did you try before?

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