Coaching Program Regulation

This agreement is made between the client (the ‘coachee’) and Marina Barayeva (the ‘coach’) to meet on a regular basis for the number of sessions according to the selected program.

The coaching length is 1 hour unless it’s discussed individually. The sessions coincide with specific stages of work or situation so that constructive feedback can be provided and objectives reviewed. It is the joint responsibility of both the coach and the coachee to agree to the scheduling of these sessions.

If a session needs to be rescheduled for any reason (either by the coach or the coachee), a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required.

The coach and coachee agree as follows:

1. Coaching is an ongoing relationship between a coach and a person who desires coaching (coachee). The coachee’s agenda is central to the relationship and will be worked on jointly by both coach and coachee.

2. Coaching is designed to address subjects the person being coached would like to consider. The coach does not have answers to the coachee’s issues but committed to working with the coachee to explore them and help identify how to move forward. There are no guaranteed results.

3. Coaching can involve brainstorming, values clarification, the completion of written assignments, education, goal setting, identifying plans of action, examining lifestyles, and questioning.

As a coach:

1. I will be prepared for each coaching session.

2. I will come to each coaching session promptly at the agreed time.

3. I will maintain complete confidentiality, within the limits of the law, unless you give me explicit permission to share particular issues with others.

4. I will represent myself to you with honesty and integrity and will refer you to another professional if I am not within my area of expertise or comfort.

As a coachee:

1. I am committed to improving my life and will participate fully in each session.

2. I am registering for one-on-one sessions with my coach. I understand that at the end of my sessions I will have the option of continuing my momentum and mastery. I can schedule more sessions with my coach then. It’s up to me if I continue. If I want to keep the same rate, I understand that I will need to extend this agreement and fully pay the fee before our last session.

3. I will call my coach at the scheduled time and do my best to be on-time every time. I agree to prepare for each session, to be punctual, and to actively participate. I will ensure that the session is not interrupted, in order to give full attention to the interaction.

4. I understand that if I miss a session and don’t provide 48 hours notice, then I will still be count towards my session.

5. I understand that this coaching program is about improving my present life and reaching new levels of performance and potential. I understand this level of personal development coaching is not therapy, not about rehashing my past over and over, and not about professional legal, medical, psychological, or financial advice. I understand the coaching is focused on what I can do now and in the future to experience more energy, success, and fulfillment in life.

6. I understand and agree that my results in life are up to me and that by law my coach cannot guarantee my results in life or business, only my satisfaction, so my coach cannot be held liable under any circumstances for my results or actions.

7. I understand I will receive email summaries and tools from my coach to help me advance even more quickly.


Coaching is a confidential relationship and the coach agrees to keep all information strictly confidential, except in those situations where such confidentiality would violate the law or could jeopardize the safety of the client or others.

The coachee can, at any point in the coaching session, declare his/her preference not to discuss a specific issue, by simply stating that they would rather not discuss this issue. The coach agrees to respect this boundary and will not attempt to forward the conversation further along those lines.