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Sending a follow up email to your new contacts make you stand out of many people. It sounds so simple just to send an email after a meeting, networking event or interview, however, most people don’t do that!

Networking isn’t only the passing business cards it’s about the relationship between people. And the follow up message is probably the easiest way to establish it. Many great connections which I have come after sending follow up emails.

Some tips to help you:

  • Write a follow up email within 24-48 hours after meeting. People still remember you and what you were talking about.
  • In the email remind the place or situation how you met
  • Mention a topic of discussion. It shows your interest and that you listened to the person
  • Ask about next meeting
  • Don’t write long sales letter with your follow up message

What if you try to reach someone via email, let’s say

  • You want to reach a company who you want to partner with
  • You write to your potential employee about the job you want to get
  • Or you already had an interview, and they don’t respond you

How many time should you write an email then?

The great answer I’ve heard from Steli Efti:

Never stop until you get a respond Yes or No

When people do not respond you don’t take it as rejection, keep reaching them.

Steli also gives more interesting ideas about how creative you can be in your follow ups, like send person who doesn’t respond you a picture:

Follow up email after meeting or interview examples

You can check his other ideas on his company site

Here are examples of follow up emails for different situations:

Thank you emails for a networking contact

Follow up email after job interview

Follow up email templates for LinkedIn invitations

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