Life goals. The power of focus book review

Why don’t you have what you really want?

Because it’s easier.

It’s much easy to watch TV, talk about nothing in social media and complain about a hard life with co-workers, than change something in the life.

People always dream about something, however, the key to achievement is to be able laid down the goal and be focused on it up to it come true.

The Power of Focus book helps to plan the life and motivate to achieve your goals filling life with taste and sense. The book is about how to put the purposes and reach them.

The future depends on our choices and habits. That’s why for getting what you want in life or in business you just need right habits and stay focused.

It starts from getting rid bad habits and define and improve your strong skills.

Then authors suggest writing down 101 goals of your life for the 10 years. The key is really to write them down. The goal, which isn’t written on the paper isn’t a goal. It’s like the first step of realization of what you want.

Another interesting story was about a woman who also started the Idea Book. She not only wrote down her wishes and goals but also collected the pictures of what she wants and her dreams became true one by one.

The questions that may help you to define what you really want are:

  • What do I want to do?
  • What do I want to have?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • Etc.

Basically, all your goals will fit those seven categories:

  • Financial
  • Business/Career
  • Fun time
  • Health and Fitness
  • Relationship
  • Personal
  • Contribution

That’s all people need for keep the balance in the life. When you work only on one or few of those points, you lose that balance. When you feel tired, bored, depressed, underestimated, etc. look at this list and find what missed. You will see that working on the lost element will bring happiness to your life.

All over The Power of Focus book authors give simple instructions, different exercises, useful and practical tips “how to do” with examples for an embodiment of the dreams in life.

Some interesting other people goals list from the internet may inspire you to make your own

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