How to use hashtags to increase more traffic. #socialmediamarketing #smm #socailmediastrategy #creativeentrepreneur

Wonder how to use hashtags to increase more traffic?

All popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram and others use hashtags.

The hashtag is the word with the pound sign (#) in front. When you add # symbol, the word becomes a link. When you click on it, you will see the list of the posts written by other people about this theme, which use the same hashtag.

Marking keywords or topics helps to categorize posts and track discussion topics with the same hashtag. You can add them in any place of your post: in the beginning, in the middle or the end. It not so essentially, the more important is to choose relevant keywords.

Smart choice of hashtags helps to make your content more visible and increase traffic. Also, use them to attract the particular audience. Users who are interesting in relevant posts will find your content through the search of the social network.

If you don’t know which hashtags to use, search one-two keywords about your theme and see what other hashtags people use on the similar topics.

I tested messages with and without hashtags. The result was that the posts with the hashtags get more likes and share than without them. However, using too many hashtags looks like a spam message, which people will avoid.

Do a hashtag test by yourself

It’s easier to see the difference of using hashtags on Instagram. Publish an image with just a text and nothing else. Probably some of your friends will “like” it. Then click “Edit” and add hashtags. After adding #Traveling to my picture that way, it got few likes immediately.

When you post a content relative to your brand or let’s say have an event, choose the hashtag which will be relevant just for that kind of posts.

For example, the famous international exhibition Consumer Electronic Show uses the short name of the event and the numbers of the year, so this year all posts in social media were marked as #CES2015.

This way people share information about the event. You can find who were there, what they saw and everything about the show.

The usage of hashtags in social media will be different. Learn more about how to use hashtags to increase more traffic in this ultimate guide to hashtags

How to use hashtags for increase more traffic. #socialmediamarketing #smm #socailmediastrategy #creativeentrepreneur
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