How to Prepare and Give a Speech that People Will Remember with Bob Kulhan | Ep 25

How to prepare and give the speech that people will remember with Bob Kulhan

When you know your work and your craft, share it with everyone. Let other people know about you and what you do. In this episode, Bob Kulhan shares how to prepare and give a speech that people will remember. Bob is the Founder, President and CEO of Business

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Simple Sales Funnel to Attract Clients Online If You Hate Networking with Rupali Monga | Ep 24

Create a simple sales funnel to attract clients online with Rupali Monga. The perfect option if you have networking

Networking takes a lot of time, and some people don’t like it at all. Instead of going out and following every person you can attract clients online, bring them to your landing page, treat them with the interesting offer and then convert to the sale either online,

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How to Create a Sales Funnel to Sell Your Online Product with Garry Mclachlan | Ep 23

Learn more about how to create a sales funnel to sell your online product with Garry Mclachlan

Getting some extra income from selling digital stuff sounds great. They can be your online products or someone else’s. We will cover what to start with, how to target the right audience, where to get more traffic to your sales pages and how to convert those visitors

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The Fast Way to Create an eBook Based on Your Blog Posts with Regina Paula | Ep 22

The fast way to create an eBook based on your blog posts. Blogging and content marketing strategy from Regina Paula

An eBook as a simple version of the paper book helps to build your authority. You can offer it for free, sell on Amazon or it also can be a good freebie to offer to people on your website to get their email. Let’s try to hit

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How to Create a Blog Strategy That Attracts Your Ideal Clients with Jessica Stansberry | Ep 21

All you need to create a blog strategy that attracts your ideal client and convert them to the paid customers with Jessica Stansberry

When you have a blog it maybe not easy to bring more people to read your blog posts and even more difficult to attract those who can become your clients. Today we will cover how to come up with the blog post ideas that will be interesting to your

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How to Sell Online Courses with The Affiliates with Dan Ardebili | Ep 20

If you have your online course, then the main question is always how to sell it. One of the options is to sell online courses with the affiliates, people who already have the base of followers and established the relationship with them. Get more tips from Dan Ardebili

If you have your online course, then the main question is always how to sell it. One of the options is to sell it through affiliates, people who already have the base of followers and established the relationship with them. Then they could recommend your online course.

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How to Get Your Branding Message to Connect with Your Ideal Client with Bryce Prescott | Ep 19

How to create your branding message that connect with your ideal client with Bryce Prescott

Imagine the situation that you want to work with one type of clients, but at the end, you get stuck with people who you don’t really want to deal with, even if that brings you some money. This situation often happens when you get confused with who

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Social Media Strategy for a Service-Based Business with Stevie Dillon | Ep 18

Get a social media strategy for a service-based business with Stevie Dillon. From finding your target audience on social media to easy planning and scheduling

Being consistent on social media is the key to building connection, following and get more people using your service. However, it’s easier to say than do. Let’s say you post something on social media from time to time and still nobody calls you because of what they

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How Setting Meaningful Goals Can Help You Market Your Business with Sheena Yap Chan | Ep 17

How setting meaningful goals can help you market your business with Sheena Yap Chan

Having a big goal inspires not only you but people around you. You’ll be surprised how it’s easier to market your business and connect with people even influential when you have the purpose to help others in one way or another. Even for you, you may have

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Little Known LinkedIn Tactics for Entrepreneurs with Marina Barayeva | Ep 16

Even if you don't put much effort to LinkedIn use these little known LinkedIn tactics to get more opportunities for your business or professional career

After the episode numbers 6 How to Get More Clients with LinkedIn, I got questions about if LinkedIn is worth your time and what else you can do there. Even if you don’t put much effort to LinkedIn, in this episode, we’re going to talk about little

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