Little Known LinkedIn Tactics for Entrepreneurs with Marina Barayeva | Ep 16

Even if you don't put much effort to LinkedIn use these little known LinkedIn tactics to get more opportunities for your business or professional career

After the episode numbers 6 How to Get More Clients with LinkedIn, I got questions about if LinkedIn is worth your time and what else you can do there. Even if you don’t put much effort to LinkedIn, in this episode, we’re going to talk about little

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Pinterest Strategy for Creative Entrepreneurs with Anna Zubarev | Ep 15

Get more traffic to your blog with this Pinterest strategy for creative entrepreneurs with Anna Zubarev

Pinterest is the social media platform which focuses on images. Many people ignore Pinterest as there is usually no interaction with people and it’s entirely different from typical Facebook or Instagram. However, with the right Pinterest strategy, it can be an excellent source of traffic to your

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7 Key Actions That Will Help You to Succeed in Anything with Marina Barayeva | Ep 14

7 Key Actions That Will Help You to Succeed in Anything with Marina Barayeva

When you grow in business, learn to celebrate your milestones. Take some time to reflect on what you have done before and what’s going to be next. Take time to rest, to enjoy the moment or just do something different. And that’s what we’re going to do

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How to Become a Digital Nomad and Manage Business Remotely with Anna Rova | Ep 13

How to become the digital nomad and manage business remotely with Anna Rova

Would you like to become a digital nomad and explore the world? Digital nomads are people who work from anywhere in the world with their laptop, live in different countries, and travel everywhere. It’s an unforgettable experience, but behind the bright side that you usually see on

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How to Start Your Own TV Show for Under $100 with Bonnie Bruderer | Ep 12

How to start your own TV show for under $100 with Bonnie Bruderer

Have you dreamed of starting your own TV show? It sounds big and impressive, isn’t it? In this episode, Bonnie Bruderer shares how you can create your own TV show for under $100. You will be able to start it by yourself and you will know how

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How to Work with Influencers to Market Your Business with Cloris Kylie | Ep 11

How to work with influencers to market your business with Cloris Kylie

Look through the people you follow. For sure among them, there are some influencers or famous people who you look up to. Can you imagine that one of them will help you to promote your business? How cool would that be? In this episode, Cloris Kylie shares

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How to Market to Families with Kids. A Story of the Illustrator Angela Ferrari | Ep 10

Get new marketing ideas about how to market to families with kids with Angela Ferrari

When you market to families with kids, you market first to the parents but your product or service is for kids. Easy? Not always. Let’s look at the different ways to reach your clients and market to them. We have the special guest today, who creates and reads

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How to Repurpose Content to Reach More People with Ana Hoffman | Ep 9

The simple step you can do in your content marketing strategy is to repurpose content that you already created

Constantly creating a quality content takes a lot of time. But when you create the content for one platform such as a blog or social media you can multiply it by repurposing it on other platforms. That way you get valuable new updates without actually creating new stuff.

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How to Turn Difficult Clients into Good Clients with Ilise Benun | Ep 8

How to turn difficult clients into good clients or how to deal with the difficult clients

Were you in the situation when the client was always complaining about the work, changed his mind at the last moment, or wanted to get more for less money? In this episode, we will go through different situations with Ilise Benun to see how you can turn

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How to Publish a Book Even If You Are Not a Writer with James Woosley | Ep 7

Have you dreamed of publishing your paper book? Learn how to publish a book even if you are not a writer with James Woosley

Having a paper book gives a credibility to the person, you become an authority in people’s eyes. And for many people publishing a book was a huge jump in their career. But it always seems complicated and takes a long time. In this episode, we will talk

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