Video blogging is helping to build trust between your brand and people. Check these tips on video blogging as the way to create an emotional connection with your customers. #videomarketing #onlinemarketing #videoblogging #blogging

Do you use video blogging in your marketing?

Do you want to improve your social media marketing with videos?

Video blogging has become something that everyone is introducing into their businesses. By now, almost everyone is aware that the videos are one of the most engaging and creative types of media.

Video blogging is helping to build trust and emotion between your brand and the customers and to achieve this you need to give out as much information as you can.

A video blog is just like a regular blog, but it primarily consists of video content. Video blogging for your business can open doors to winning over your target audience by providing them with interesting information through visual content.

It will give your customers a better understanding of how your business operates. It’ll also provide them a sense of trust to both you and the products and services you offer.

Here are the tips on how to use video blogging to connect with your customers.

Establish a Direct Connection with Your Customers

Video Blogging: Marketing With Video

Videos provide a voice and a face to your company, and it is easy for people to identify with them. They reach out to customers on a more personal level.

It is vital for any business to have an emotional connection with their clients and video blogs can deliver your message in a very informal way, which will not offend your audience.

Capture their attention and build loyalty and trust. When people feel connected, and they get the sense that they are not buying products and services from the company but from an individual.

Raising Brand Awareness

Videos can reach more people than written content so do not be surprised if your brand awareness noticeably increases.

Showcasing behind the scenes footage, acquainting your customers with your work environment, and even introducing your employees to the world should be a part of your video blog.

This will establish transparency, which is necessary for a relationship between you and your customers. It is important for people to recognize how worthy they are to your company and what efforts you are making to make them feel good.

Gaining Trust and Influence

In nature, video blogging is raw and real. It shows the side of your business that is underground, and it takes a lot of effort to produce.

If it’s difficult for you to create the videos you can always outsource to video professionals who have the necessary expertise and who can help you express your business creatively.

Having a weekly blog will help your customers identify with both you and your brand, and transparency will place you in front of your competitors.

Bigger Audience and Visibility

YouTube is the number two search engine, filled with a wide pool of video content, and people are using YouTube frequently for both entertainment and research.

Having the video blog on the company’s channel will help you reach a much bigger audience, and it will contribute to building an online presence for your business.

Video Blogging: Marketing With Video

Source: Marie Forleo YouTube Channel

At the same time, you can post YouTube videos on your website too as it helps you to gain more connections and retain them on the blog and social media.

Reaching as many people as you can is maximizing inbound traffic and creates interest among people in your niche.

Be Ahead Of Your Competitors

Many businesses are not using YouTube as a marketing platform and, since everyone wants their business to stand out, video blogging looks more different and unique.

You just need to come up with creative ideas that will be informative and gripping.

Demonstrating your knowledge in the form of innovative ideas is a great way to be ahead of your competitors.

You will have creative control over anything you will produce. So, tell your customers a story they do not expect.


Since creative marketing is only continuing to grow, video blogging is the way to becoming more recognizable in your industry.

They are engaging and entertaining, so take your time and produce content that will be enticing and of interest to your audience.

Would you implement video blogging in your marketing strategy? If you already use it, share your story with the link to your video blog in the comments.

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