Do you want more people to see your work on Facebook? Here are 7 easy ways how to get more exposure on Facebook (for Photographers, Designers & Artists). #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing #smm #socailmediastrategy #creativeentrepreneur #facebook #designer #photographer #photographytips #phototips

Do you use Facebook to market your business?

Do you want more people to see your work on Facebook?

If you are a photographer, designer or create another type of arts and crafts, it’s vital for your business to show your work to as many people as you can.

Your art is visual, show it up more. Spread the world about what you do.

Here are 7 easy ways how to get more exposure on Facebook.

1. Tag other people on a photo or in a post

When you post something tag people who’ve been involved in creating this image, video or project.

First, it’s an excellent way to be grateful for what they’ve done. Mention them as a team or simply say thanks for them work. Credit to them business pages. It will be shown as a link in the post, and other people can check them and follow too.

Second, when you tag someone, they get a notification about it and may share it.

If you tag a personal page, then the post where they were mentioned goes to them the Facebook timeline.

Those, who has in Facebook settings “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on the timeline” turned on, will get the notification and may accept or decline this post be shown on the personal page. If people have this option turned off, then your post will be automatically published on their timeline.

Be respectful. Some people would like to keep them personal Facebook accounts private. Make sure that they don’t mind if you tag them.

Just a picture post on the photography Facebook page

How to Get More Exposure on Facebook

Post with tagging a team got seen by more people

How to Get More Exposure on Facebook

2. Repost on your timeline

Posting something on your business page, you can also tag your personal page. The tagged post will be shown on your timeline. In this case your friends, who didn’t «like» your Facebook page will see it also.

Sometimes when you tag yourself, it still doesn’t go to your personal page. Then share it by yourself. You also can share some of your old posts.

3. Upload videos directly on Facebook

When you want to share a video, upload it directly to your Facebook instead of giving a link to the YouTube.

Facebook has an option automatically start playing video when the user scrolls Facebook wall down. It grabs attention right there so more people will see your video. When you give a link on YouTube or another source of the video, most people won’t see it at all. They are too busy/lazy to click on the link.

When you upload a video, don’t forget to tag your team in a description.

Video uploaded directly to Facebook reaches more people.

How to Get More Exposure on Facebook

Video with a link to YouTube reached fewer people and got only a few clicks. You also can add a YouTube tab to your Facebook page to organize your videos.

How to Get More Exposure on Facebook

4. Post frequently

Post regularly and increase engagement on your Facebook Page (when your post gets likes, comments, shares or clicks). It is an indicator for Facebook that your content is interesting, and it will be shown more on the people’s news feed.

  • Post your work
  • Show to people how you did it
  • Share fun moments of your creative process
  • Show the different steps of your work (they may find: oh, you do a makeup too?)
  • Post behind the scene pictures

Here are more examples of the engaging Facebook posts.

5. Ask your team about shares

After you post your image or video, ask your team to share it. You don’t get things till you ask about it.

Do you have behind the scene pictures? Ask your team post them on the own pages and tag each other. This way you cross promote yourselves.

6. Share your team posts

When other people post your work share it with your audience, you both will get more exposure.

No need to post/repost the same image at one time. If your team published the same photo, share it on another day.

7. Post at the right time

Have you thought about who is your audience? What do they do? When are they online? Posting at 2 am in the morning won’t get you as many reaches as posting at 1 pm.

Many people check the phone when they woke up and during a meal time. However, it’s also better not to post at the peak hours when your followers post full of the other pages news. Try to publish when less overall posting is going on so there are more chances that people will see your post.

Here is the summary of when people are usually online.

When is a good time to post on Facebook?

√ Early morning

χ During work (9 am – 5 pm). Lunch time 11am-1pm may work, but they are the peak hours for many brands.

√ Between work and dinner

χ After dinner (TV time)

√ Bedtime

√  Weekends

There are many discussions about the right time for posting. The best you can do is to test different time and see when you get more reaches and engagements.

In Conclusion

Giving one or all of these seven tools a try will help your Facebook marketing. With just a few easy steps, more people can see your work.

Which tips worked for you? Do you know other ways how to reach people and get more exposure on Facebook?

Please share your experience and recommendations in the comments.

Do you want more people to see your work on Facebook? Here are 7 easy ways how to get more exposure on Facebook (for Photographers, Designers & Artists). #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing #smm #socailmediastrategy #creativeentrepreneur #facebook #designer #photographer #photographytips #phototips