What to do when you feel like giving up

A friend asked me one day: what do you do when you feel down? Or some other people ask: what to do when you feel like giving up?

It’s often happened. Even more, it happens to everyone.

Think about what borrows you

Why do you feel that?

  • You don’t know what to do in your life
  • You tried to do something so many times that you are ready to give up
  • Things go completely opposite than you expected
  • You work hard on something and nothing works
  • Relationship doesn’t work, and you reflect everything on things which surround you
  • You are out of ideas what is your next step
  • Etc.

I travel a lot and live a life which many people want to have, but almost nobody know that sometimes I cry to my mom: I can’t do that anymore! I don’t want to travel! I can’t work on this project!

And she says with all of her love: Ok… Go back …

With a deep breath, I answer: No… I’ll try again.

There are always things which will work and another won’t.

That’s life. But that’s your choice to regret about that happened and cry or try again, try something new, try this differently than before.

The most important part when you feel about to give up is to switch from what borrows you and relax.

In this case, I leave everything I do and go out to any nature places like parks, forests, beach. Sometimes I just go out, sit somewhere and listen the sound around: birds, noise, of the city, a bark of dogs, anything that you can focus on instead of your bad feeling.

At this moment leave your past. Whatever happened, happened. You can’t change anything. Don’t think about the future – nothing happened yet. Don’t waste your time, energy and soul for those two things.

There is only one thing – it’s your present.

At this moment (right now moment) in the park or wherever you are what do you feel?

If at that moment you feel weak, small or about to give up ask yourself: why? Often it’s because of something in the past. Leave it. Remember, the past is gone. Now you can create a new present, and it will predict your feature.

Yeah, it’s easier to say than to do.

One time I came to another city with a lot of expectations, but… nothing worked. No new projects. People who I planned to work with were too busy with them own stuff or not interesting. City looked different than I thought.

Nothing of all I planned. I felt upset: What am I doing here? But I had to stay there for a few more weeks, and I could complain about “hard life” or… I decided to enjoy every day of my staying there. Changing the attitude gave me the best time in that place.

As someone said:

Fake it till you make it.

It needs some time for changes. Don’t give up. Everything will work. Maybe not today, but it will depend on your today’s choice.

So think about today as it is the new list in your life. What would you like to draw on it? What new would you like to create on it? Everything you draw (in other words – everything you decide now) will be up to you.

What do you do when you feel like giving up? Share it in the comments below.