Marina Barayeva – Portrait Photographer

I am a professional fashion inspired artist/photographer based in Beijing, China. My passion is bringing out the beauty of people, creating the contemporary style and gorgeous, elegant look of each person.

The portrait should convey your personality, your emotions, the experience you’re enjoying and the magic of your moment. Over time, I have brought an individual style to the portrait industry specializing predominately in capturing people.

A big fan of the creative projects and collaborations, I believe in the TEAM (together each achieves more). I love to bring people together for creating great things and change the world.

Past projects include organizing a “Lady-photographer” online conference and a charity fashion show entitled, “Style Night: New Year Queen.”

I also write about social media marketing and personal branding for artists and creative entrepreneurs. Check out new tips at http://intnetworkplus.com/.

Please contact me directly via the contact form to book a photo shoot.