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Marina is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. It was an honor to have her speak at Nishan World Women’s Forum on World Civilizations. Our audience loved her presentation. It was very engaging, insightful, and empowering. Her enthusiasm and passion along with her experience will be a benefit to your next event.

Cao XiaoYan Deputy Secretary-General of Nishan World Women’s Forum

Preparing your upcoming event, you more likely want your audience to be inspired and driven to take action.

The right speaker makes a big difference in the quality of your event, and Marina will work with you to make sure your organization receives outstanding feedback.

An experienced stage presenter, she captivates, motivates, and challenges people with her “straight talk” approach.

Her programs include step-by-step strategies and practical tips that your audience can apply right after the event.

On your first planning call, Marina will ask specific questions to learn about your theme, format, audience, and goals you are looking to deliver. Together you will create a memorable experience for your attendees.


It has been an amazing experience to work with Marina. She is such a responsible person who focused on each detailed information provided in previous events and kept checking with me whenever she had a question. All she has done is to make sure we would have a wonderful and memorable event! As a speaker, she was using impressive metaphors, vivid acting, and interactions with participants to present her ideas: "know your expectations and believe the best things will happen to you."

Ning Xu Founder of Be You Technology

Keynotes – Breakouts – Workshops – Virtual Events


You can be a master in what you do, but if nobody sees you, do you exist? Influencers impact the opinion and behavior of others because of their position and relationship with their audience.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by becoming an influencer in your niche. It gives you credibility, visibility, and helps to build a profitable and sustainable business. Leverage the experience and expertise you already have to grow a powerful personal brand.

Explore the winning tools to collaborate with other influencers and build buzz around you and your brand. Discover the ways to engage with media so they want to feature you.

Marina helps you to think and feel differently about your personal brand. Get insights that can be implemented immediately. You’ll be motivated to take massive action towards your success.


  • A framework that will help you to build your authority and influence
  • The type of influencers that will benefit your business
  • Ideas to work with influencers that will rapidly grow your personal brand
  • How to get more media appearances
  • Methods to stay on top of people’s mind with the projects you work on

DURATION: 20 – 90 mins speech | Available as a half and full-day workshop


  • Small business owners
  • Service-providers
  • Creative entrepreneurs

Marina helped many of our founders and people preparing to be founders, community members to understand concepts of building influence. Too few people think enough about building a proper personal brand and influence. She shared very practical tips on how to build influence step by step. I respect her for her knowledge in the field and her great podcasts.

Jonas Wolf
China Director of AngelHack

As a TEDx organizer, I found Ms. Marina not only a wonderful speaker but also an awesome cooperator. She coached our speakers to ensure that they were adequately prepared to present the talk of their lives. She helped them improve their speeches and performances. She encouraged everyone to cooperate and made good suggestions so speakers could deliver memorable experiences to the audience.

Dr. Sajid Khursheed
TEDx Organizer

6 Reasons to Book Marina

You and your audience are #1. You’ll see, on and off stage, how passionate Marina is about making a difference.

Her commitment is simple: serve you and your attendees to help make your event a great experience.


Your audience will get inspiration and actionable takeaways. We’ll also work on reframing thoughts, destroying limiting beliefs, and realizing new opportunities in their business


Having lived in a number of countries, Marina connects with a wide range of audiences of varying cultures and ages. She understands the nuances of both Western and Eastern societies.


Marina is easy to work with. She’s not the kind of speaker who has special requests. Instead, she focuses on making your stressful job as easy as possible.


Marina creates a fun, informative, memorable experience. Your audience will walk away with real examples that they will be motivated to apply immediately.


Marina doesn’t lecture. If you’re looking for a speaker who’ll stand behind a podium and talk about theories, it’s best to look elsewhere.


Marina goes “all in” for her engagements and will be glad to participate in additional activities such as photo ops, lunches/dinners, receptions and/or networking sessions, etc. that involve your attendees, sponsors, and clients.


She presented very well with good ideas to inspire women about having self-confidence and self-reliance.

Bani Dugal Principal Representative of the Baha'i International Community to the United Nations

Marina gave a very convincing presentation. She is a confident and engaging speaker who encourages you to challenge yourself and think about new possibilities.

Cecilia Milwertz Senior Researcher at the University of Copenhagen

Marina was articulate, confident, and very clear. She exuded a sense of self-confidence that was very admirable.

Azza Karam Senior Advisor on Culture at the United Nations Population Fund

Marina, you're awesome!!! After your workshop, I've set a new goal. I'm going to make and post 100 videos (even if I think it's not up to the standard that I wish for). This will help me get over my fear and target audience problem because I'll see which videos people like the most and just got from there. Thanks for your advice! It helps...

Keely Stanley Creator of "Hey Pengyou!"

If you are a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or still trying to find your way in business, Marina will give you a blueprint to follow to become an influencer. I loved how she focused on actionable steps that we can immediately apply. Now, I have many ideas to try in my business.

Jane Browne Founder of Style by Jane

In her workshop, Marina covers many interesting topics. I used to hear/read related to a part of what we learned. Tonight, I understood it and made up my mind about something new. Go to her workshop so you can find useful/interesting information and even the answers to your old questions.

Abdella M. Oumer Founder of CidbiG

Marina covers a lot and is committed to packing every moment with rich content. The energy is relaxed, pleasant, and authentic. I personally feel very excited about its application in my life.

Ester Cataldi Business Strategist

Really useful tactical and "how-tos". Very well-focused on how to set yourself up as an influencer. I like the chance to spend time thinking of a story and then getting feedback.

If you want a blueprint for getting started as an influencer, this is a great place to start. I liked the interactivity, style, and exercise where we both talked at the same time. I also like the bit where we wrote down what we want to be known for.

Spencer Zeke Depas Android Developer

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