I am not your typical ‘success’ coach

I help women entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, and visionary leaders to create life on their terms where they can have it all – a successful business and a happy life.

You’re on the path to your big dream. Of course, you are.

You’re an achiever, result-oriented, a rock star, a master of your game. You accomplished a lot but deep inside you wonder if is there something more than this. 

You show up as a powerful person, solve the challenges that arise, and are ready to take the next step... but not sure how.


Often you may find yourself:

  • Feeling that something is missing in your life
  • Wanting to make a more meaningful impact on the world, but secretly doubting yourself if you’re good enough to do that
  • Disconnected from the world and what really matters to you
  • Bored or burned out
  • Working hard and quickly after each achievement setting a new bar ‘What’s next?’
  • Splitting yourself up between work and relationship or family and sacrificing one for the sake of another one
  • Stuck because of your perfectionism

And there are very few people whom you can talk about that (if anyone at all) because outside everything seems good. In a traditional way, you look like a successful person. Who would understand what bothers you inside?

Looks like the important part is missed – you. What do YOU want?

Not what you may want or other people want for you. But what do YOU really want?

If any of this feels familiar to you, you are not alone. You’ll be surprised how many successful people feel that way too.

Together we’ll get deep, bring out and shape your dream - your “even bigger dream.”

Because you know that there are more possibilities despite what you do and have right now.


The secret is that the strategy is just a part of it. I will help you expand your vision, develop the winning mindset and balance your energy.

We’ll work on getting you beyond your limits and beliefs that hold you back so you could achieve more extraordinary results like some of my clients:

  • Attracting the iconic person and your number one choice for your board of directors.
  • Reaching more people in your country or even around the world with your mission.
  • A 7-figure investment injection.
  • Identifying supporters who are actually detractors slowing your progress.
  • Representing your country in the diplomatic community.
  • Becoming a recognized expert


  • Have a bigger contribution and impact people’s life
  • Show up powerfully, authentically, and fulfilled in all areas of your life
  • Build your personal brand and influence people
  • Reconnect with yourself and others
  • Create more energy and life balance
  • Get over your insecurities and use them to your advantage

Born in Russia, I have been based for a decade in China, worked with clients all over the world, and organized innovative projects internationally.

I combine Western and Eastern techniques and strategies to empower people to live a fulfilled life.

I’m a TEDx speaker, have presented to audiences in Asia and North America, and has been featured in such media as ArtPeople, CCTV, China Radio International, and others.


We work together one-on-one for between 3 months and a year. Anything less is not enough to create lasting change. Your coaching package will be tailor-made to your specific goals and desires.

The work we do is always created in conversation. Through dialogue, we conceive new ideas that open paths to actions that produce extraordinary results.

Coaching is done via Skype.

My coaching is not for everyone.

For those who say YES! And to whom I say YES! I say this: YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE.

When you are ready, contact me here to request a powerful conversation.

Start creating your life while the rest of the world is hitting pause.