I help entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches, and visionary leaders to create life on their terms where they can have it all – a successful business and happy life.

But before I talk about myself, I want to ask if YOU can relate to any of these:

  • Working hard and quickly after each achievement setting a new bar ‘What’s next?’
  • Feeling that something is missing in your life
  • Wanting to make a more meaningful impact on the world, but secretly doubting yourself if you’re good enough to do that
  • Disconnected from the world and what really matters to you
  • Bored or burned out
  • Splitting yourself up between work and relationship or family and sacrificing one for the sake of another one
  • Stuck because of your perfectionism

Because if so, then you’ve come to the right place. Several years ago, I checked the mark in all of those.

Let Yourself Leave the Safe Place

I was born and raised in the Soviet Union. I worked full-time and studied two degrees at the same time when I decided to quit my job in 2008. I left everything, and went to the US for four months of the Work and Travel program. It was an unforgettable experience that showed that life could be more than your home town.

When I came back the economic crisis hit the world. I couldn’t find a new job and as I did web design on the side in the past, I turned that to working full-time as a freelance web designer with people all around the world online.

Then, I got bored sitting in front of my computer all the time so I decided to move to China in 2011. I got a ticket, observed the country, liked it, and have had it as my home base for almost a decade.

When you grow professionally, there is a time in your career when you need to choose what to focus on and be great at.

I didn’t want to get stuck with the computer so I got more into what I loved doing: acting, modeling, and stopped at photography. I decided to turn it into a business, which I had for 9 years since then.

In the beginning, it was terrible. I was terrified to sell. I was afraid to market myself. I tried to perfect my skills hoping that people somehow will find out about me. It took a while until I could make some living out of it.

Then, I worked harder learning new skills, participating in photo exhibitions, having my work published in magazines, getting awards and recognition, traveling everywhere.

I tried many things. Yes, I found the work that I like, traveled the world, and had what other people say ‘a dream life.’

But the reality was that no matter what I achieved I still had that annoying feeling of emptiness inside. It’s not what I’d want to do until the rest of my life.

You can Look Successful but it doesn’t Mean that You Feel So

I was searching for myself. I liked what I did, but I felt that there is something more for me there.

I thought that I have to be better and better so finally, everything everywhere will be good. I’ll feel that fulfillment and happiness.

I set the new standards that would be difficult to achieve for a moment of satisfaction that I made it and then moved on with a feeling ‘What’s next?’ No wonder that I regularly had burnouts.

Within a few years, after I moved to China, I completed my dream list except a few things. I’ve been to all the places I wanted to see and live in. I experienced what I wanted.

I had many ups and downs like losing everything and starting all over several times: staying in 5-start hotels and sleeping on the floor, being in the movies, having amazing experiences like paragliding, flying the plane, climbing an active volcano, etc. and feeling miserable without any interests to the outside world.

Overeducated and with much more experience than most people around me I tried to fit into the society I’m in. I felt lonely.

Until I realized that no matter what I do and where I go I build the same reality around me. The only one I knew and the end was always the same.

It’s a Choice to Try to Fit in or Create Your Own

It hit me on.

I stopped trying to fit the world. I decided to create it as I want.

I left people who tried to put me into the box of their limitations and fears and surrounded myself with those who I have mutual connections right away.

I rebranded my photography business and went all in to finally make it work as I wanted.

I made ordinary people look like they just stepped out of a magazine.

Working a lot with entrepreneurs and professionals for their headshots and as I love business and marketing I often ended up consulting them in their work on how to grow in business and career.

I saw how people’s lives changed. I began writing and speaking about marketing and personal branding more, participated in international conferences, and hosted personal branding workshops.

What Life Do You Want to Create?

But I’ve noticed that the real magic happened after 2-3 months of deep coaching of people and not only on their branding strategies (that is just a part of it)

More important I helped people think bigger than they are and what they have to offer to the world.

When we work with you, we expand your both business and life vision, find your WHY and connect the dots to live a life with purpose and to feel happy and fulfilled.

We work from the inside, awakening your talents, inner gifts, and developing a mindset to change that outside outcome.

That work, researches on mindset and self-awareness led me to give a TEDx talk about How Self-Awareness can Help You to Live a Life You Want.

Some astonishing results my clients got:

  • Attracting the iconic person and the number one choice for the board of directors.
  • Reaching more people in a country with their mission.
  • A 7-figure investment injection.
  • Identifying supporters who are actually detractors slowing the progress and bringing in a powerful team.
  • Getting a diplomatic position.

I’ve worked with clients all over the world and organized innovative projects internationally.

I combine Western and Eastern techniques and strategies to empower people to live extraordinary lives.

The power is in you. What life do you want to create?