6 Simple Formulas to Write a Catchy Headline in 2 Minutes [Infographic]

How to Write a Catchy Headline

Looking for an easy way to write a catchy headline? Want to know how quickly to write an attractive title for your blog post? The headline is more important than even the article itself. If it’s good, it will prompt people to learn more about the topic.

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11 Online Marketing Techniques to Use Now to Grow Your Business


Marketing is the biggest factor that many entrepreneurs neglect completely, especially when it comes to online marketing. A new start-up needs to get the attention of the potential customers in their niche market, and most of the time it has to compete with businesses that are already

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The Simple Ways to Use Facebook Call to Action Button

Facebook call to action button gives you the possibilities to drive traffic to your website, encourage to buy something or convert them to your subscribers. Check these simple ways how to use it

Do you already use the Facebook call to action button? Facebook is one of the leading platforms for social media marketing. It’s getting harder to reach the audience with the neverending changes or Facebook algorithm. However, it also brings some useful tools too, such its call to

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How to Write a How-to Article

Good how-to articles are one of the most shared and viewed types of content. If you want to learn how to write stunning how-to articles that could drive traffic to your website, here’s what you can focus on.

Why people read blogs and websites at the first place? Sure, some of them are looking for an interesting writing style, for a unique approach to something, for personal stories shared by bloggers. To most of us, however, these aren’t the first reasons encouraging us to search

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8 Efficient Components of Branding Videos

As you consistently express your brand in your videos and other content, your existing and potential clients will begin to recognize your style. Here are 8 efficient components of the branding videos that you need in your marketing today.

Would you like to incorporate the branding videos? Before we get into the details, let’s clarify what are the branding videos. Google defines branding as “the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.” In more concise terms, branding means associating

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5 Innovative Ways To Use Facebook Live For Business

Get more social media engagement with Facebook Live and increase your brand awareness with the live videos on Facebook.

Wonder how to increase social media engagement with Facebook Live? In an age where everyone has a smartphone and internet connection, live video streaming is quickly becoming a popular method for companies to reach out to their users. Facebook Live is a tool for sharing live video

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15 Small Business Tips On Being Successful And Creative

It can be tough to build a small business if you are starting from the nothing. Here are 15 small business tips on being successful as a creative entrepreneur from Gary Vaynerchuk, author of #AskGaryVee show

Do you want to build a business out of your creative talent? Wonder what are the principles of success for a creative entrepreneur? It can be tough to build a small business if you are starting from the nothing. It may seem almost impossible to get the

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10 Best Tips to Promote Your Blog Through Social Media

How to promote your blog on social media

Want to get more traffic on the blog? Do you use these tactics to promote your blog? We all know that blogs are incredibly powerful tools in this social media age, and bloggers are using them for several benefits (like earning and promotion). Blogs are always admired

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Social Media For Business [Infographic]

Are you still thinking if you should use social media for business? Check this Infographic "Entrepreneurs and Social Media"

Are you still thinking if you should use social media for business? Social media has become a business mainstay almost overnight, offering unparalleled versatility in its applications at no cost – all the most popular platforms are free. For newer businesses, social media provides an audience for

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Instagram for Business: The Detailed Guide to Instagram Marketing

The detailed guide to Instagram marketing. With the answers to the most common questions on how to use Instagram for business and practical tactics.

Using Instagram for business do you build a loyal community or just hope that someone will pay attention to your account and your business? When it comes to Instagram, it associates with a lot of pictures. More and more people get involved in it. Instagram has more than

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