21 Ways to Be Creative Every Day. #creativity #inspirational #entrepreneurLooking for the ways to be creative every day?

Would you like to find a new source of inspiration?

A life of creative people is always ups and downs. Today you are full of inspiration, and the creativity just flow. Another day it seems like nothing works and it was a bad idea to start anything.

Then you can sit and wait for the inspiration or find the ways to be creative even if you don’t have any new ideas.

For sure you have a big dream, goal or project, which you want to work on. Keep it in mind and think about what small step you can do today to make it come true.

To help you, a team from Entrepreneur.com created an Infographic with 21 tips on how you can stay creative every day.

21 Ways to Be Creative Every DayWhat do you think? What other ways to be creative you use? If you have any questions or results to share, I’d be happy to hear them in a comment below.

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