Want to be more productive in marketing? Here are 7 underrated marketing tools for small business that experts use and which will be helpful for you too. #business #smallbusiness #smallbiz #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #businesstips #marketing #creativeentrepreneur

Want to be more productive in marketing?

Do you use these marketing tools in your business?

In the marketing world, tools represent one of the biggest marketer’s allies. With the help of specific marketing tools, you can significantly improve your outcome. The only problem is that many people choose to ignore them.

Talking with a few successful marketers during the last several years, I found a very interesting common habit among them. They treat the app/software market as a vital part of their profession.

They regularly check for new apps and software and test many of them. The reason? They understand how useful and productive some marketing tools can be for their campaigns.

Below we’ll take a look at 7 underrated marketing tools that experts use and which will be helpful for you too.


Click Manager Marketing Tools For Small BusinessClickMagick is a click analyzer. It lets you track clicks, monitor links, follow entire sales funnels and many more useful options.

Even better, this tool allows you to separate your traffic into equal quantities and send it to different landing pages. With this tool, you can test your conversion before even spending hundreds of dollars on testing each of them.

It’s a great tool for gathering data and analyzing your overall conversion rate. Once you see the stats, you can make the necessary modifications and optimize your conversion rate.

Heap Analytics

Heap Analytics Marketing tools for small business

With Heap Analytics you can carefully analyze your visitor’s behaviors. This software tracks every move the user performs on your website.

You will see how he thinks, what he clicks, where he puts the cursor, and so on. This marketing tool also gives you some tips to figure out the behaviors of your viewers.


Ninja Outreach Marketing Tool For Small BusinessNinjaOutreach is an influencer marketing tool where you can find thousands of Influencers in seconds for your target keywords in any niche. You can filter by tags like bloggers, influencers, executives, and companies.


Aweber Marketing tools for small business

This is one of the most popular and useful e-mail marketing software. With Aweber, you can gather e-mail subscribers and organize them into different lists. Doing so, you are eligible for sending them content through e-mails.

Aweber also lets you create automated e-mail sequences. That means that you’re writing your e-mails for 6 months and send them each week at different intervals. You’re basically automating everything and just wait for results.

Assignment Masters

Let’s not forget about content. To drive targeted traffic towards your website and online business, you must have content. No matter what form of content you plan to prioritize, written content is most of the times a must.

Not every marketer is a good writer. What’s cool is that they understand the value of their time, and choose to outsource their content to writing services.

AssignmentMasters is one of the great professional content writing services around. With the reasonable prices, their writers are extremely professional.

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner Marketing Tools For Small Business

Before even attempting to think about organic traffic, which most of the times is obtained through SEO efforts, we need to consider the keywords.

Every online business has to target some specific keywords and keyword phrases that will, later on, help the business drive targeted traffic.

With Google Keyword Planner you can do some extensive keyword research and discover stats about your potential keywords. The tool helps you analyze many features, and it can be very useful for any marketer’s campaign.


Trello Marketing Tools For Small BusinessTrello app helps when you have a massive project. While you deal with all the specifics and details, it should have a plan with the particular tasks and deadlines.

With Trello you can organize your tasks by creating rows, individual notes, comments, and timelines. You also can connect with more people and add them to your Trello group, prioritize tasks and assign them according to your needs.

Many big companies use Trello for employee management and communication as it keeps you organized and focused on your tasks.


Being a good marketer is never easy. It takes a lot of testing, testing, testing, and then again more testing. During this process, you are losing a lot of money and time.

Stop being disadvantaged by all the overwhelming tasks you have to do on your own and start having some belief in these professional tools. Start using some of them and get a feel of how easy marketing life can get.

What marketing tools do you like? Please share any of your favorites in a comment below.

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