How to Start a Consulting Business in The Creative Industry with Jennifer Rosenfeld | Ep 30

If you think about other ways to expand your business here are the tips on how to start a consulting business in the creative industry with Jennifer Rosenfeld.

As a creative entrepreneur, you may think about other ways to expand your business or transition to a little different field and start consulting and coaching other people. Well, here we are with our great guest today Jennifer Rosenfeld. In this episode, Jennifer shares how to start

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How to Submit Photos to Magazines the Secrets of Dark Beauty Magazine with Topher Adam | Ep 29

All you need to know if you want to submit photos to magazines. Interview with the editor of Dark Beauty Magazine Topher Adam (@darkbeautymag). We will get to the details of how to submit photos to magazines, what to pay attention to when you submit photos, what mistakes to avoid and many more.

Whether you are a fashion designer, photographer, makeup artist or another creative entrepreneur who create a visual work and you want to get your work published in the big magazines such as Dark Beauty Magazine or others, we will get to the details of how to submit

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How to Get Media Coverage for You and Your Business with Melissa Cassera | Ep 26

Getting the online and offline media coverage can grow your brand tremendously. Here are the tips on how to get media coverage for you and your business with Melissa Cassera

Getting the online and offline media coverage can grow your brand tremendously. Media coverage on the smaller publications may help to increase your audience while the more significant media will give you authority and credibility. In this episode, Melissa Cassera shares how to get media coverage for

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How to Prepare and Give a Speech that People Will Remember with Bob Kulhan | Ep 25

How to prepare and give the speech that people will remember with Bob Kulhan

When you know your work and your craft, share it with everyone. Let other people know about you and what you do. In this episode, Bob Kulhan shares how to prepare and give a speech that people will remember. Bob is the Founder, President and CEO of Business

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Simple Sales Funnel to Attract Clients Online If You Hate Networking with Rupali Monga | Ep 24

Create a simple sales funnel to attract clients online with Rupali Monga. The perfect option if you have networking

Networking takes a lot of time, and some people don’t like it at all. Instead of going out and following every person you can attract clients online, bring them to your landing page, treat them with the interesting offer and then convert to the sale either online,

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How to Create a Sales Funnel to Sell Your Online Product with Garry Mclachlan | Ep 23

Learn more about how to create a sales funnel to sell your online product with Garry Mclachlan

Getting some extra income from selling digital stuff sounds great. They can be your online products or someone else’s. We will cover what to start with, how to target the right audience, where to get more traffic to your sales pages and how to convert those visitors

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