19 Facebook engagement posts ideas with different examples that will help you get more likes, comments and grow your Facebook group or page.

Looking for examples of engaging Facebook posts?

Well, first of all, let’s define…

What is a good Facebook engagement post?

A good Facebook engagement post makes people stop scrolling their feed for reading, watching, and reacting somehow to what you’ve posted. That could be a like, comment, share, or click on your link.

Engagement is a great way to measure how your content resonates with your audience.

A regular Facebook post has text, status update, video, photo, or link.

Users’ news feed updates very fast so visual content is quite popular.

Thus, questions on a custom background, pictures, and videos get more likes and shares than plain text, so implement them more.

How to Write Engaging Facebook Posts

To write engaging Facebook posts apply these three essential elements:

  1. Share useful or entertaining content
  2. End with a Call-to-Action that starts a conversation or lead people to click on your link
  3. Add eye-catching image or video

How to Write an Engaging Post on Facebook 3 Key Elements

Experiment with those elements by sharing different content to find what Facebook engagement posts will resonate with your audience more.

To help you out, here are 19 examples of engaging Facebook post ideas. They work well both on Facebook pages and groups.

1. Open-ended questions

When you plan engaging content to post on Facebook asking a question is one of the simplest but effective ways to start a conversation. That way you motivate people to comment below on your post.

The benefit of it is if you ask a question that is interesting or important to your audience it may spark a discussion in the comments which you can continue in DMs or even on a call with a potential client.

Also, as visuals get more attention adding custom background to your question will be eye-catchy.

How to ask an open-ended question in a Facebook group

2. General questions that many people can relate to

Another question that gets more Facebook engagement is something general life-related. It doesn’t need to be about your business.

Such questions are easy to answer, more people can associate with them and as a result, leave a like or comment.

And when they do that, it tells the Facebook algorithm that people engage with your page or a group and those who liked or commented under your post may be interested in more content from you.

The more people engage with your content the more of your posts Facebook shows them.

So, it’s good to mix them with your business and sales posts.

Example of how to ask a question on a Facebook page to get more comments

To give you some inspiration…

Engaging Facebook post ideas with the questions:

  1. What is your favorite podcast?
  2. What book(s) had the most impact on you and why?
  3. What is your primary goal for this year?
  4. What the place have you always wanted to visit?
  5. What do you learn these days?

3. Ask for help to make a choice A vs B

Ask people to help you choose something. It is another type of question that will quickly boost engagement of your Facebook post as people like to help.

For example, Derral Eves asked his community where to put a bunch of YouTube Creator Awards also known as YouTube Play Buttons.

Increase engagement on Facebook by asking people to help you

4. Ask for recommendation or help to solve a problem

Following the idea of looking for help you may ask your audience to give recommendations or advice about something that you work on, like in this example.

Example of how to ask for recommendations on Facebook

This type of Facebook engagement posts works well when you travel, try new things, look for something, etc.

5. Brand or service-related questions

Brand or service-related questions are the questions that remind people about your brand, company, service, or the main topic(s) that you cover.

Here are some examples of engaging Facebook posts that vidIQ uses.

vidIQ helps boost your YouTube views. People use their plugin to analyze YouTube channel performance. Also, a company offers many video tutorials and analytics on YouTube growth.

Asking community questions is a regular practice on their Facebook page.

As a service-related question, they may ask what community folks would prefer that people would click the Dislike button on their YouTube video, which creates engagement, or do nothing and end up with no engagement at all.

Example of a question to use on a Facebook page for business

Difficult choice, isn’t it? Something is worth discussing.

Or, also with a question, they “remind” users that it’s a holiday time that they can leverage to post related content.

Ideas for engaging questions to ask on a Facebook business page

Both examples are around YouTube, which they focus on.

So, in summary, these are…

The five types of Facebook group questions ideas that will quickly boost your engagement:

  1. Ask an open-ended question
  2. Ask a general question
  3. Ask for help
  4. Ask for recommendation
  5. Ask a brand or service-related question

The next types of Facebook engagement posts will need some more effort.

6. Tips and “How to” posts

Give the tips or write a “How to” tutorial. That way, you teach people something valuable that they also may share with their friends.

If you’ve noticed, people don’t share question-type posts that much.

When someone shared your content, it means they find it interesting or useful and are willing to be associated with it.

Let me give you a few examples of engaging Facebook posts with tips and tutorials.

That can be a more detailed post or some quick tips like in this example from Video Influencers.

Example of a good engaging Facebook post for business - tips and tricks

They start with an eye-catchy sentence “Kee viewers on your channel!” – this is what all YouTubers want.

Then, they follow with an important tip that with boost views of your video after you publish it which is planning your Thumbnail, title, and the next step.

Because when you plan all of this upfront you know how to structure your video to keep people watching it and increase the conversion.

Their post is short, useful and on point.

If you look for engaging Facebook post ideas that also often make people save the post, then create a picture tutorial (note: this may also become a ready-to-go post for your Instagram).

This post from Joseph Bojang has a short description and several images with the tips that people need to go through to read the content.

Creative ways to post pictures on Facebook to make it more interactive and boost your post engagement

In this example, Disney brought an expert chef to show on video how to cook Ratatouille.

They mixed the videos of a chef cooking with similar scenes from their famous Ratatouille movie.

Example of how to post branded content on Facebook

What all of these, besides the opportunity to get likes and comments it increases a Facebook dwell time.

You might be wondering,

What is Facebook Dwell Time?

Facebook dwell time is the time that people spend viewing your content whether it’s a written post, video, or a set of images. It doesn’t matter if people liked or commented under your post as when they stopped on what you’ve shared it tells Facebook that people are interested in your content.

The time a person spends on your content is considered a dwell time.

Sometimes a few likes and comments give a false impression that no one is interested in your content.

People may read, but not engage with content.

So, measure the effectiveness of you Facebook marketing strategy not only by likes and shares but also by conversions such as getting clients or email subscribers.

7. Facebook video posts

Another group of Facebook engagement posts ideas is related to video content. Videos can tremendously improve your marketing strategy.

First of all, upload your video directly on Facebook.

When you do that, it will automatically start playing when people scroll a newsfeed.

Video grabs the viewer’s attention right away, rather than you share a link to a YouTube video.

For example, CreativeLive shows different clips from their course creators.

Engaging facebook post ideas for video content

According to SocialInsider’s study, the optimal video length that brings more engagement for accounts with less than 5k followers is between 2-5 minutes.

Facebook video length statistics: Average engagement rate

Another interesting factor is that vertical videos on Facebook become more popular rather than horizontal or square size.

Facebook video format statistics: Average engagement rate

So, you may consider testing them next time when you will create your engaging Facebook posts.

Dr. Joe Dispenza uses vertical videos to share his meditation, quick tips, and other useful content.

Example of engaging vertical Facebook video - new ideas to try

With that said, here are more examples of highly engaging Facebook posts:

8. Live videos

Live videos (especially the longer ones) can double engagement for smaller Facebook pages as it’s shown in the SocialInsider’s study:

Facebook live video length statistics: Average engagement rate

Live videos get attention.

However, another benefit is that after you’re done you can then repurpose Facebook live video and publish it on your page as a regular one so people could get back to it later.

You can teach a mini-workshop through the live video, give quick tips, have interviews with other people, or show what’s going on in your life at that moment.

In this example, Dorie Clark had a live interview with Roberta Matuson which was then republished as a regular video after the interview was done.

The engaging Facebook post idea for a live video: Repurpose Facebook live video as a regular video post

Interviews are great to cross-promote pages to share and grow the audiences with other experts that serve the same people as you.

You may also do a live Q&A session like Simon Sinek to build a better relationship with your audience.

Facebook engagement posts ideas for a live video: Do a live Q&A on FacebookIf your Facebook group or page isn’t that big yet or your audience doesn’t engage that much then I suggest you prepare 3-5 questions in advance so you could answer them live if the participants will be too shy to ask you something.

9. Your client’s or related to your niche content

Pay attention to what’s going on around your niche. Share other people’s useful content and Facebook posts.

Even more, post your followers’ and clients’ content that is relevant to your business.

For example, Marvel Studios published a fan’s art a few days before the Hawkeye movie premiere.

Your followers get recognition and will appreciate the share and you get quality content.

Facebook engagement post example of how to work with other content creators to increase engagement on your Facebook page. Marvel Studios shared a Hawkeye poster tagging an artist

If you want to go further, then you can do it as a collaboration and cross-promotion with other accounts or as support for your community members.

A good example of such collaboration is vidIQ featuring Sean Cannell from Thinkmedia.

Facebook engagement post example of how to collaborate with other content creators to increase engagement on your Facebook page

In this collaboration, Sean went live on vidIQ’s YouTube account reviewing other people’s YouTube channels.

Next Facebook engagement posts ideas will help you to connect with your community and customers on a deeper level.

10. Personal story

Your main goal may be to sell your service using social media, but at the end of the day, you’re a person who tries to manage many things in your life just like your followers.

There are ups and downs, challenges, and happy moments that happen to you.

All of these make you YOU and show you as someone with who your audience can resonate.

Connect with people telling personal stories like Jasmine Star did in this post.

Examples of good Facebook posts: Tell a personal story on social media

Or you can create…

11. Behind the scene post

Let your followers spy a little through a keyhole. Show them what’s going on behind the scene of your business and life.

Looks like fans enjoy Marie Forleo’s adventures:

Facebook post ideas to increase engagement: An example of creative personal social media post

Also, you can be more advanced and post…

12. Behind the scene video

Sharing photos and videos from your life distinguish your Facebook page.

Post about how things work in your life, funny moments, film some parts of your regular work.

Here is the thing.

Even if you show people what’s going on behind the scene such videos can be a great opportunity to mix personal stuff with a valuable lesson.

Below are a couple of Facebook engagement posts ideas from Vishen Lakhiani, a founder of Mindvalley.

He is a great example of how to do that.

He may post a story about his weird morning routine.

Facebook engagement post ideas for a business page: Create behind the scene video showing your morning routine

As well as mix up behind the scene video and tips from the office.

Facebook engagement post ideas for a business page: Mindvalley Facebook marketing example

Videos work well when you add a story to them or give an example because you bring more life to your teaching content.

Start collecting the stories and lessons that you can share with people.

When something interesting happens take a quick note with the details in the Evernote or another note-taking app.

Maybe you’ll even come up with engaging Facebook post ideas on a go, then also take notes.

So that, when you start creating content for your social media you can look at your notes and use those stories and ideas in your videos.

12. Funny Facebook engagement posts related to your brand

Think about how to use funny pictures related to your brand. You may create brand recognition using the same personage or same concept images.

Here are five funny engagement Facebook posts ideas:

Oreo actively uses fun images on a Facebook Page.

Funny Facebook engagement posts - for example, Oreo actively uses fun images on a Facebook Page

Here is a fun Facebook post from Skittles. They had a series of funny posts written from the intern perspective.

Examples of fun Facebook posts for businesses: Skittles had a series of funny posts written from the intern perspective.

You can also get creative and mix your brand character with other trends and well-known stuff to create a funny social media post like Charmin.

Examples of fun interactive Facebook posts: Charmin mixed a brand character with the trends and well-known stuff

Or you can come up with something simpler than a special brand character and create something like TubeBudy.

An example of funny Facebook engagement posts: Make it interactive by mixing a funny image with a message that will resonate with people

Also, feel free to add any daily life moments.

Example of interactive Facebook posts for businesses. Have fun!

14. Milestones and awards

Celebrate your milestones: reaching 1000 Facebook fans, having 5000 subscribers, winning a competition, etc.

In this Facebook post example, Neil Patel celebrated 300k daily users of his Ubersuggest’s Google Chrome Extension.

Facebook engagement post ideas: Neil Patel celebrated a milestone of 300k daily users of his Ubersuggest's Google Chrome Extension

Another example, Evan Carmichael shared his journey of growing his YouTube channel that he launched in 2009.

Facebook engagement post ideas for business: Evan Carmichael shared his journey of growing a YouTube channel that he launched in 2009

You may also celebrate the wins of your followers, employees, or clients.

Buffer celebrated users who got their Start Page Small Business Awards featuring community members.

Facebook post ideas for small business: Feature your community members

15. Posts about an upcoming event

Post about your upcoming online or offline event. Mention its theme, when and where it will be, and give a link to the registration page.

The larger the event is the more in advance you start planning it and the earlier you begin posting about it on social media.

Let me give you two examples of engaging Facebook posts for the events.

If you host your event then here is how Content Marketing World does it.

They start creating updates about the next conference 10-11 months in advance.

Facebook engagement post ideas for the upcoming event

Or if you’re a part of the event, let’s say you’re a speaker like Brian Fanzo, then your post may look like this one.

Engaging Facebook post ideas for entrepreneurs

15. Inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes are always popular. A good quote that resonates with your audience will get more engagement.

Inspire those who follow you. People will like and share your quote post when it expresses their thoughts and beliefs.

These examples of Facebook engagement posts ideas have the unique style of inspirational quotes.

The first one is easy to do for anyone.

That can be a simple text on a black or white background similar to Mel Robbins.Example of how to create engaging inspirational quotes for Facebook posts. Mel Robbins' quote

For the style below, you may need some design skills, use services like Canva or hire a freelancer.

You can combine your photo and a quote like in Chase Jarvis’ post.

Example of how to create motivational quotes for Facebook posts. Chase Jarvis' from CreativeLive quote

Or design a creative graphic like Evan Carmichael.

Example of Facebook engagement post ideas: Create a graphic with a quote, short story, or lesson like this Evan Carmichael's post

17. Facebook challenge

A Facebook challenge is like a mini-course that teaches you something and encourages you to take action. People often use a challenge for quick growth of a Facebook group or page as it’s usually very engaging and bring quick results.

The key components of a good Facebook challenge:

  • It helps to fix something that people are stuck with.
  • It’s interesting, engaging, and fun.
  • It’s short.


  • It brings people back to your account for a period when you have a Facebook challenge.

5 Steps to Host a Facebook Challenge

Step 1. Pick something that people need help with right now.

It’s important that you could quickly teach them how to solve that problem.

People need to see the results so they would come back for more content later, hire you, and recommend you.

Step 2. Clarify your target audience.

Who are those people who you want to bring to your Facebook page or group? Focus on your ideal client.

Step 3. Plan your outcome.

What do you want to accomplish with this challenge?

  • Do you want to grow a community?
  • Do you want people to hire you or buy your product?
  • Do you want to build your email list?

Once you set the desired outcome it will be easier for you to plan content and market your challenge.

Step 4. Set the results that people will get after completing your challenge.

Bring people’s attention to what’s in it for them

Step 5. Decide for how long you want to host it.

For small business pages, personal pages, and typical Facebook groups 3-7 days challenges usually bring better results than the longer ones.

Because with a long-term challenge fewer people will get to the end.

Also, with a short-term Facebook challenge, you can see the outcome faster and then correct and repeat a challenge shortly.

If you plan a big product launch then you can extend it for longer and integrate a Facebook challenge into your marketing campaign.

For example, buffer hosted a 12-week challenge to support a lunch of their new tool for small business owners: Start Page.

Its purpose is to bring more awareness to their new feature and motivate people to start using it.

Use their Facebook engagement posts ideas for inspiration to create your challenge.

Facebook group challenge ideas. In this example, buffer hosted a 12-week Facebook challenge

18. Fill in the blank

Post a sentence where you ask people to fill in the blank area with their thoughts.

Make it simple so that they can add just a few words to that.

This Social Media Examiner’s post targets anyone who manages social media accounts to share their favorite app in the comments.

Examples of Facebook engagement post ideas: Use fill in the blank questions

19. Holliday greetings

There are many holidays during the year. Post a greeting, a card, or a quote with some personal thoughts.

There are many more reasons to engage with your followers besides regular Christmas and New Year greetings.

For example, Social Media Examiner created a “Happy Social Media Day” post.

Holiday Facebook engagement post ideas for celebrating Social Media Day

From time to time, you can even implement marketing to it like in this Jasmine Star’s post where she wished “Happy Thanksgiving” and gave free Thanksgiving photos as a gift.

A link led people to a landing page where you had to enter your email to get the photos.

Holiday engagement post ideas for Facebook (examples): Celebrating Thanksgiving

How to Find What Types of Facebook Posts Get the Most Engagement

While you experiment with different engaging Facebook posts if you want to know what types of posts perform better for your business and audience check the statistic of your Facebook page account.

For that, go to the Page Insights where you will see your latest posts with notes about the type of content, the average reach, and engagement for each post.

Facebook analytics to find what types of Facebook posts get the most engagement

Source Facebook

A key thing to remember is that likes don’t bring you clients.

So, when you analyze the engagements of your posts also pay attention to how many clients you get from Facebook overall.


Use these engaging Facebook posts examples to grow your followers and build trust with your audience. You never know what works well for your page until you try.

It takes time to grow your Facebook community, but it is worth your effort.

Now, I’m curious: What types of Facebook posts work well for you?

Check these 19 examples of Facebook post ideas to help you to connect with your audience via interesting posts about your industry. A regular Facebook post has text status update, video, photo or links. Pictures and videos get more likes and shares than only text, so implement them more, via @MarinaBarayeva. #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing #smm #socailmediastrategy #creativeentrepreneur #facebook